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10 Macronutrients Rich Meals


Nutrient is a term which almost every person is aware of. Nutrients refer to those substances which are essentially needed for a person in order to grow, reproduce and also for survival. A person cannot simply live without the nutrient intake. Nutrients are classified further into two groups depending upon the amount or quantities in which they are required.

  1. Macronutrients.
  2. Micronutrients.

Macronutrients are the nutrients which are required in a great amount and quantity while micronutrients are required in a very small amount however, micronutrients are equally essential because if they are not consumed in the right amounts, numerous illnesses and diseases can occur into the body.


Macronutrients, as has been explained above, are required in great amounts. These nutrients provide the body with energy which is utilized by it in order to perform the numerous functions such as growth, repairing, and etc.

Macronutrients are further divided into three classes,

  1. Carbohydrates,
  2. Lipids,
  3. Proteins.

All these classes are further divided into numerous sub-groups. The term macros are very commonly used in the physical fitness world. This term refers to ‘’macronutrients’’ and all the three classes which have been mentioned above.


All the macronutrients are so important for the body that their vitality cannot be neglected. The macronutrient rich foods are referred by the doctors to patients which do not consume them in sufficient quantities or go through deficiencies. Moreover, there are protein rich supplements as well which help increase the protein content in the body of a person. However, macronutrient rich foods are preferred over the supplements.

1 Rice

Rice is one of the most consumed staple food around the world. People love rice and love to pair it with a number of different things. One of the benefits of rice is that it is rich in carbohydrates. So, as carbohydrates provide bulks of energy to one’s body, rice can also be known to be high in energy content.

2 Broccoli

You might have been told continuously by doctors and your parents to eat veggies because they are healthy. Yes, the veggies for sure are healthy. Broccoli being rich and packed with vitamins is also a very good source of carbohydrates. So, if you are looking for carbs and your body needs them, you must go for broccoli.

3 Sea food – Fishes

Now let’s just admit, all of us love sea food especially because there is so much variety and so many types of sea food. There are different types of fishes, prawns and so much more that one can eat in different forms and types. Sea food is also a very rich source of protein. We can say that the fishes that we eat are packed with protein.

Protein, another macronutrient, has countless functions in the body. They act as enzymes, antigens, and even help repair any kind of tissue or muscle loss in the body. Proteins also act as cell surface markers, build up the hair follicles and help in immunity.

4 Meat

When one goes for dieting and wants to lose weight, he/she is preferred to consume food which is rich in proteins and has a low quantity of carbohydrate in it. Meat is one such example because meat is very concentrated with protein. The functions of proteins have been explained below and because proteins are this important and needed, one must consume the protein rich foods because the deficiency can be very dangerous.

5 Dairy foods – Milk and yogurt

Now, dairy foods are also those famous foods which we have always been told to consume by our parents. Well, the reason is explained below.
Milk and yogurt are rich sources of carbohydrates and calcium. And not only that, but these sources are also rich in protein. Therefore, these contain 2 major carbohydrates which the body needs.

6 Fruits

And how can we not include fruits in the list. Fruits are rich sources of proteins and again, carbohydrates. They tend to provide energy and are also very healthy for the body. They are good for the skin and hair. Keep the body detoxified and the skin super fresh.

7 Avocadoes

Avocadoes are very famous because there are infinite reasons of why one should eat them. Avocadoes, are rich sources of numerous vitamins and also omega-3 fatty acids or lipids. So avocadoes are rich in fat which does not necessarily mean the unneeded fat, but the healthy fat which is needed by the body to store vitamins.

8 Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils, are again rich in lipids. Fats are divided into two groups, the saturated fats, and the unsaturated fats. The saturated fats should be eaten, but in a very moderate quantity because the large amounts of these fats can prove to be very harmful for the health of one’s heart. Vegetable oils contain the healthy fat which is essential for the body i.e. the unsaturated fat. fats act as protection for our organs.

9 Eggs

No breakfast are complete without eggs. When you eat eggs in your morning food, know that you are consuming very rich sources of protein. Eggs are known to be the homes of proteins. Therefore, they provide one with numerous advantages and benefits.

10 Nuts

Nuts are known to be the healthiest snack. It is preferred by the doctors to consume nuts instead of all the different junk such as chocolates, candies and numerous more when going for a snack. Nuts are rich lipid sources which make up the hormones in the bodies. They are also storage houses for vitamins.


If you want to adjust your macronutrient intake or the intake of your proteins, fats and carbohydrates, you can easily do it through the macronutrient calculator. The macronutrient calculator helps you keep a check and count of the macronutrients that you consume per diet or daily.The calculator helps you know your macro intake through the help of your goal information.
the basic interface of the calculator is given below :

The calculator requires your gender, your goal, and how much percentage body fat that you have. However, the bar is optional. Moreover, it needs the information about your height and weight and the meals that you consume each day along with your activity level.
A calculated example of this is mentioned below.

The result of all the information mentioned above, is given below.

The above picture is an example of how to calculate your macros without inserting the percentage fat. This calculator is precise and accurate and results with the exact values.